Starisa is an old dog. He is 13.  He was a stray who had been fed by some people in IIijas. He went missing for a number of weeks and then reappeared back on the streets this past summer. In the time that Starisa was missing someone had cut off his front leg. I took Starisa to the vet who because of the dog’s severe injury amputated what was left of Starisa’s leg. In considering the condition Starisa was in when he was found, it was likely that he had been injured and a vet had amputated a portion of his front leg and released him back on the street. The amputation was most likely preformed by a vet who wasn’t very experienced in this type of the procedure. Starisa’s stitches came apart leaving a stump of exposed bone. The entire area became horribly infected and left Starisa suffering in agony. After I had found about this old dog, I decided to help him and placed him in a pension in June 2015.
It costs 50 € a month to keep Starisa off the streets and safe.
When you sponsor Starisa you have a number of options, you can:

1. give the suggested monthly amount of 50 €

2. give any monthly amount that fits your budget...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors to contribute

3. give a one-time gift...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors