My name is Brka.

I lived as a stray but in a nice area, where good people were feeding me.

One day, they took me to a place called pension. I did not know it was for my own protection, so I ran away .
So Dalida took me in. She told me I had to stay away from the streets because some very bad people, dog catchers, were there to hurt me.

That scared me a lot and I decided not to run away. To be honest, I don't even want to run away any more because at Dalida's I get good food, I have plenty of friends and I'll never spend another winter sleeping in the snow.

Now, I would like to have my own bed, in my own home...
Dalida says that day will come as well.
There will be someone for me one day.
It costs 50 € a month to keep Brka off the streets and safe. When you sponsor Brka you have a number of options, you can:

1. give the suggested monthly amount of 50 €

2. give any monthly amount that fits your budget...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors to contribute

3. give a one-time gift...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors