Medi is a beautiful 9 year-old dog.
When he was a puppy he suffered from rickets.
The predominant symptoms of rickets occur in the bones. The puppy’s legs are crooked and the joints enlarged. The spine may be curved and the ribs so soft that the chest may be flattened similar to the human chest.
In severe cases the dog shows marked evidence of pain when trying to move about or when being handled.

Medi’s owner did not want to pay for the veterinary care that Medi so desperately needed and as a result Medi now suffers from bone and joint pain, lameness, muscle cramps and leg deformities and because of his deformed front legs Medi cannot walk normally.

His owner abused Medi. Medi was chained for his entire life. His owner didn’t provide the much-needed veterinary care for Medi’s rickets and he abandoned Medi two years ago.

After he had been abandoned, Medi lived in the street of Vares.
Dragana, a local girl from Ilijas, which is a long way from Vares, found Medi and took him back with her to IIijas where she fed him and tried to look after him as best she could.

Medi is old.
He is half blind and half deaf now but in spite of all he has suffered and is still suffering Medi is a happy dog. He is now in pension and no longer has to search for food to eat and a warm place to sleep.

Medi would never be able to survive on the streets again but his safety, comfort and happiness comes at a price: the monthly price of his pension.
Please help keep this old and handicapped dog safe and happy for however long a life he may have. 
It costs 60 € a month to keep Medi off the streets and safe.
When you sponsor Medi you have a number of options, you can:

1. give the suggested
monthly amount of 60 €

2. give any monthly amount that fits your budget...and we will
continue to look for additional
sponsors to contribute

3. give a one-time gift...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors