Only God knows what Sivka has been gone through in her life and I am really angry because only in Bosnia someone can leave a dog with three legs on the street.

Sivka had appeared near my mum's work place in Ilijas, and she asked my dad and me to take her. Of course, we saved her from the street and placed her in the pension.

Sivka's front leg has been amputated. We don't know by whom, but it has been done professionally. The question is who has left her on the street after that. I will try to establish if Sivka has Dogs Trust micro chip.
She is really great dog.
It costs 50 € a month to keep Sivka off the streets and safe. When you sponsor Sivka you have a number of options, you can:

1. give the suggested monthly amount of 50 €

2. give any monthly amount that fits your budget...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors to contribute

3. give a one-time gift...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors