My name is Zeka (Bunny).

Dalida gave me this name after finding me scared and cold in the rain, shivering like a bunny.

Why was I lucky enough to be rescued? No reason, really. I was small, new to the neighbourhood and didn't fend for myself.

It was raining, it was very cold so Dalida just picked me up and took me home. I've grown a lot and now I'm a pretty girl. I'm a happy dog and I love to play.

Dalida doesn't have enough time to play with all of us so I've decided to look for a mom who'll have time to play with me. It's only fair that I find my own home and leave my spot here for some other puppy, shivering scared and cold somewhere out there.
It costs 50 € a month to keep Zeka off the streets and safe. When you sponsor Zeka you have a number of options, you can:

1. give the suggested monthly amount of 50 €

2. give any monthly amount that fits your budget...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors to contribute

3. give a one-time gift...and we will continue to look for additional sponsors