About Dalida Kozlic

Save the Animals of Bosnia was started by Dalida Kozlic.

Dalida has been active in rescuing abandoned, abused, sick and injured dogs in Bosnia for more than 15 years.

This remarkable woman is a lawyer by trade and lives close to Sarajevo, Bosnia in a town called Breza. She is an active force for the protection of animals; she is a rescuer and activist and is among the most experienced in Bosnia.

As a well-known expert in animal protection she is committed to bringing about a humane approach to animal welfare and animal population control. Dalida was one of the lobbyists instrumental in legislating The Animal Protection and Welfare Act in Bosnia in 2009.

Dalida has devoted her life to saving animals. Dogs who have been abandoned. Dogs who are hurt and sick. Dogs who are hungry, homeless and scared. She has saved them from dying in the streets or crawling off to die alone.

Dalida Kozlic L.L.B, lawyer and activist, Breza, Bosnia.

You can read some of her articles here: Protection of Animals

She also has a Facebook Group.