In Memory

In Memory of Medo

Ramiz is a homeless man; he lives on the streets of Sarajevo. Everyone in Sarajevo knows them.

His best friend was a dog called Dundo – Medo. Medo died.

Almost everyone knows how devastating it is to lose your best friend, your most beloved family member.

Ramiz is homeless and he lost everything when he lost Medo.

On August 7, a drug addict allowed his pit bull to viciously attack Medo.

Ramiz tried hard to help Medo and pull the pit bull off of his best friend but when he tried to help Ramiz was mauled by the pit bull and as a result had to be hospitalized.

At the time Ramiz didn’t know Medo had been left behind. For 5 days Medo

was left on his own suffering from excruciating pain caused by severe wounds.


An unidentified woman found Medo and brought him to a clinic center on 12th August. Because he had been forgotten his wound was overrun by

maggots. Medo received some help at the clinic and a desperate appeal

 was sent out for donations to help.


Medo was treated by the veterinary station Slatina on 13th August.

A very large piece of tissue had developed gangrene and full of worms.

Medo had septicemia, a condition where the blood is infected with bacteria and leads to organ failaure.

Medo fought, but he did not survive.

In many, many countries this savage act would be punished BUT this country is Bosnia…. 

Ramiz’s best friend was a dog called Dundo – Medo.

Run happy and free, Medo.

You will be forever loved and forever missed.